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Physics Lab

Physics experiments

Physics Lab


Omega Junior college,Habsiguda

......................Provides an outstanding environment for studies in chemistry. One of our key objectives is to create good quality human resource.

" Necessity is the mother of invention"

The faculty members is the department are actively involved in thrust of the classic core chemistry subjects inorganic and organic chemistry.

Students are actively particpating and presenting their knowledge through Experiments.

Our mission is to create and sustain an environment for learning, enquiry and Generation of new ideas to aid the education of science students.

"The best way to learn Chemistry is to do Chemistry."



Omega Junior College, Habsiguda

..........................Provide modern, skill oriented and quality education to the students contributing in the process of social development.

" Our mission is to offer wide and relevant education to the sutdents with a veiw of shaping their scientific temperament and environmental awereness and to uplift the students capable of taking challenges in life efficienty and carve their oun future.

There is one laboratory in the department the laboratory is well equipped with modern insruments purchsed out of grants provided by management.  The department is enriched with learning resources such as speciments,slides,models etc., which help the students in independent learing.

1. To impart quality education in the fields of botany to make the sudents acquire an indepth knowledge relevant to local regional and national needs. 

2. To provide a wide - spectrum ,comprehension of aspects of plants.